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Pink maps

Loading in maps,  I'm getting quite a few images that are turning out pink.  The largest image that opens in the viewer is fine,  but the large, medium, etc are all pink with maybe a bit of blue as the darkest color.    I've tried to see if there's something in the color mode, size, pixel length that differentiates these from the ones that do work and I haven't found it.  I uploaded one to the demo and it loaded fine.  The demo uses gmagick (which I can't use on windows with php 7+) .  I'm using graphicsmagick.   Imagemagick doesn't work either,  it just produces a blank image.  I've tried the images both as tiffs and jpgs. Has anybody else come across this? 


  • What version of GraphicsMagick is on your server? It's definitely GraphicsMagick doing something odd. 

    Also, what the the colorspace for these images? Are they RGB? Or CMYK? Or something else?

  • GM 1.3.25   
    These are all RGB..
  • That's almost the latest version (they're at 1.3.26), so you're good on that front. CMYK images often convert oddly but that's not the problem either. Any chance you can send me one of the pink ones to try?

  • How did you encode these files? They won't open in a "regular" TIFF viewer (Eg. Preview on Mac). They do open in Photoshop, but Photoshop is legendary at tolerating all sorts of invalid files. Once resaved as TIFF in Photoshop they open fine everywhere.

  • I have no idea how the files are originally made --most are almost a decade old.  The images show up fine in windows previews.  I tried resaving in my photoshop and it did the same thing,  but I'll see about trying some different things. 
  • When I saved with a Mac byte order in photoshop, it solved the problem. 
  • PC byte order didn't work? For me resaving as TIFF regardless of byte order worked. GraphicsMagick can deal with either (most any TIFF decoder can).
  • I think it triggered something else in the way it was saved after that.  When I went back from the saved Mac order and saved again as PC byte order it uploaded fine again after that.   
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