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Saving Related Storage Locations for Objects

edited September 2017 in Troubleshooting
Hello all!

I'm having trouble saving the location of an object using the storage location hierarchy. I'll click through the hierarchy I have set up but when I hit save it doesn't seem to save it. Am I possibly doing something incorrectly or something else going on?


  • Can you provide more details? What version/environment are you using? What are you cataloging before you press Save? What happens after save -- do the data values remain? Are there any errros?
  • Julia,

    I'm using CollectiveAccess 1.7.5 and its the PastPerfect environment.

    I'm simply cataloging the location of artifacts. I'll click through the related storage locations hierarchy on the "location" page (storage location -> West Cabinet A (Inner Vault) -> Drawer 7 (Drawer 7) -> Pg. 43 (Pg. 43)).

    After I hit save it looks like nothing happened for the hierarchy doesn't stay expanded but at the top of the page it'll say that the changes have been saved and on the Summary page it'll show the location. But when I go back to the location page it looks like a blank slate to where no location had been set. If I type something into "Location Notes" those changes will show up but not under the "Related Storage Locations."

    In doing all of this no error messages pop up.
  • If the location shows on the Summary screen but not on the editor screen you likely have an issue in your relationship bundle display template that is preventing the relationship from showing. What is set there?
  • Julia,

    I'm not sure what it is you're asking. The only bundle that we selected was the PastPerfect option when installing the software.

  • Under Manage > Administration > User Interfaces > Object Editor > Location screen > Location bundle > Relationship display template. Can you post what is entered there?
  • Julia,

    Under location I wasn't able to find something that said "location bundle."

    This is what my screen looks like:

  • Julia,

    I was able to figure out how to get it to show up. I changed the layout to show the object location and made sure that the "Object Location" bundle had "storage location relationship" selected under the "track location using" drop-down menu.
  • I hope this doesnt sound too stupid, but I have done this often enough so I'll ask:

    Are you sure you are actually selecting the location?  If you search by typing in the search box and select the location with the search box, it just puts the location in view - you still need to click on it to actually select it.  It should show the selection on the bottom left of the hierarchy viewer.

    I have made this mistake many times - operator error.

    Just a thought.
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