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Can't display Current Location with ca_objects_location bundle in Pawtucket

Hi, I'm having trouble displaying the current location of a specific object in Pawtucket with the ca_objects_location bundle. (It seems to work okay in Providence, though.)

I added this line to pawtucket/themes/[mytheme]/views/Details/ca_objects_default_html.php, but the Pawtucket webpage just returns a blank line:
{{{<HR><H6>Current location [BETA]:</H6>^ca_objects.ca_objects_location<br/>}}}

I've also tried substituting "^ca_objects_location" in place of "^ca_objects.ca_objects_location", but I still get a blank line.

If I use "^" instead, the Pawtucket webpage returns all past and current locations of the object. But, I just want to return the current location.

I've reviewed both this wiki article on Location tracking ( and this forum thread on displaying ca_objects_location in reports (, but wasn't able to solve my problem.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help!


  • That value can't be gotten directly with tags at the moment. File a ticket for it and we'll sort it out. I think you're the first person who ever thought to show the current location in Pawtucket...

  • In the meantime, is there a workaround to grab that value indirectly without using tags? Maybe using some PHP?

  • In PHP, assuming you're using something based off of the default theme which has $t_object set to an instance of the object being displayed, this will return an array with the current location in object history.

    $va_history = $t_item->getObjectHistory($va_bundle_settings, array('limit' => 1, 'currentOnly' => true));

    Do a print_r() on $va_history to see the structure.
  • edited September 2017
    Thanks for the quick tip!

    Do I have to initialize $va_bundle_settings with something? Right now, when I call print_r($va_history), it just returns an empty array. Here's what I'm doing:

    $va_history = $t_object->getObjectHistory($va_bundle_settings, array('limit' => 1, 'currentOnly' => true));

    FWIW, I also get an empty array if I simply try:
    $va_history = $t_object->getObjectHistory();
  • I ended up solving my issue by doing this:

    $current_loc = $t_object->get('', array('returnAsArray'=>true, 'delimiter'=>'&nbsp;&#10141;&nbsp;', 'currentOnly'=>true));
    echo $current_loc[0] . "<br/>";

    The 'currentOnly' keyword was exactly what I needed! Thanks again.
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