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Providence profile skewed to disallow public, Pawtucket access?

Hi all,

This past summer, I followed two other organizations from an Embark (Gallery Systems) CMS into CollectiveAccess. I used the same or similar profiles they had (see attached), and after a local CA meetup yesterday, we realized that there seems to be that the code for the 'Access' metadata element was altered to remove public access. We have Pawtucket configured, and unfortunately this one thing prohibits us from sharing our stuff.

 I've attached the original xml file that our system was based off, and it looks like lines 53 - 85 are the ones involved. I'm also attaching a couple screenshots to show what things look like on the UI.


  • Are you sure you're adding the value to the correct list through the UI? It should have the list id: access_statuses.
  • Julia,

    Thanks for responding! 
    I haven't altered this field. The list id is access_statuses. with the list items as seen in the previous attachment. I cannot find a field with the code name 'access_status' in the UI management screen. The only thing I can find that relates in the UI management screen is a field with 'bundle name: access'. I have this field in my UI objects screen, but this field only offers All Staff, Curatorial, and Registration Only as list options (no Public option).

  • Yes, the bundle code is "access". Try adding a list item to access_statuses with the list item id "public_access".
  • Okay, I did that, and I on my objects page, I have the Access list with Public Access now showing as an additional option, but when I save, it reverts back to the default setting (registration only). Any thoughts on that?
  • Can you share a screenshot of the new list item? Is this the only field that reverts after save, or do others as well? What version are you running?
  • I am running Version 1.7. I attached an image that highlights the field I created ('Public' was an inherited list item here, but doesn't show on the actual list box), then you can see that I selected Public Access on the object, and that it reverted to the default "Registration Only" when I saved.


  • This still isn't working. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Is it possible to access your system (if so: Also, can you please answer the prior question: Is this the only field that reverts after save, or do others as well?
  • One more thing to check: make sure the "item value" entry for the new list entry you created for "public access" is set to a numeric value unique to that element and not used by any other. Typically public access would be 1, no public access would be 0 and other access levels would use 2, 3, 4 and so on. This system is a holdover from the old days and only applies to access and status. Usually this is all set up for you in the default profile, but obviously UMMA changed it.

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