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Pawtucket 2 Browse feature doesn't show vocabularies

We just upgraded to Pawtucket 2, and we are having trouble displaying vocabularies in our Browse feature. Within Browse, we have the option to browse by term, and there are a few vocabulary lists which we created in Providence. Instead of showing the terms in those lists, it looks like everything is nested; there are arrows for each list that take you to the terms in the list, then into sub-terms if they exist. One vocabulary list doesn't show anything though. Is there a way for us to just show all of the vocabulary terms at one level instead of having to tunnel into each individual vocabulary list to reach a browse term?

We haven't gotten rid of our old version of Pawtucket yet; we are waiting until we have our theme created before announcing the new version to our users. Maybe that is causing issues?

The Pawtucket 2 page: If you go to Browse, then term, you will see the issue I am trying to describe. Our older version of Pawtucket has all the browse terms displayed in alphabetical order with no nesting. 

I have been trying to see if this something I can do in Providence; I am not the developer so I do not handle any of the coding. I can pass along suggestions to the person responsible however. 



  • Hi Caroline,

    The latest version of Pawtucket observes the "access" value of your vocabulary terms before exposing them in browse.  It's likely that your terms are not accessible to the public, and so not appearing in the browse menu.  
  • Thanks, Sophie! 

    I went into Providence to update the access of vocabulary terms; some of them have started showing up on Pawtucket 2, so I at least know that for those particular terms, the access status was the issue. Still, not all of them are showing on Pawtucket 2 despite the "accessible to the public" status. I am not sure what else would affect their visibility, unless it would be on the development side.  

    There is also the question of whether we can display browse terms on one, flat level rather than these hierarchies. The current nested display is really not user-friendly, and it would be nice to just have all of the terms visible at one level. 
  • I saw from previous forum posts that nested browsing is the only option for right now. I could rework the vocabulary lists so that there are not so many hierarchies, but it sounds like the browse function is being modified by developers currently? That would be great, because there are instances where nesting just won't work for users. 
  • Hi Caroline,

    You can display the vocabularies as a flat list by setting the group option to none, or alphabetical.  Additionally, only vocabularies that have an associated record will appear in browse.
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