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Images don't appear in zoom window


When I press on an image on the browser to zoom in, the image does not appear in the zoom window. Does anyone know what causes this to happen? I get the attached screen with no image. Just a small rotating square in the middle. 

Thank you for your time.


  • Hi,

    Does this happen for all media or just PDFs? (Asking because that is the UniversalViewer zoom screen that is generally used for PDFs/documents).

    If you just upgraded Pawtucket you may need to re-process your media (which you can do from the command line utility functions with bin/caUtils reprocess-media).

    If not check your configuration settings in Manage > Administration > Configuration Check to be sure that all of the media processing plugins are available.

  • Were you able to solve this issue? We are having a very similar problem, but using Mirador. The thumbnail images show up at the bottom, but not the large one. We are using all graphics processing plugins.
  • Hi,

    Check your media_display.conf file and be sure that the display_version for the media type you're not seeing is being generated by your system (you can see all of the versions that are created in media_processing.conf).

    If you recently updated your installation you may also need to re-process your media to work with Mirador.

  • Hi @Mike
    I was not able to clear this issue.  You said "If you just upgraded Pawtucket you may need to re-process your media (which you can do from the command line utility functions with bin/caUtils reprocess-media)." But I am sorry as I am a newbie I can't find the file bin/caUtils? I'd appreciate it of you elaborate further? Thanks.
  • The media type is being generated. Some records display others do not.
  • Adding to this, the issue with the Mirador viewer is not just in Digital Library, but also in DAMS. The mirador viewer just says, "Add Image" in Providence and Pawtucket. 
  • Hi michaelb, when I want to use Mirador or UniversalViewer, do I have to state the display_version for images under media_overlay in my themes media_display.conf to mirador instead of tilepic and than start caUtils from commandline with the option reprocess-media?

    I have >30000 Images which show with TileViewer, but TileViewer is not great on mobile devices. When I set this in my themes media_display.conf:

    media_overlay = {
    images = {
    mimetypes = {image/gif, image/jpeg, image/tiff, image/png, image/x-dcraw, image/x-psd, image/x-dpx, image/jp2, image/x-adobe-dng, image/x-dcraw, application/dicom, image/bmp, image/x-bmp},
    display_version = tilepic,
    alt_display_version = large,
    viewer_width = 100%, viewer_height = 100%,
    download_version = original,
    viewer = Mirador,
    use_universal_viewer_for_image_list_length_at_least = 4

    the images are not shown in Miradors Overlay when I zoom in on an objects Image.
  • Hi,

    You shouldn't change the display_version, that needs to be set to a version generated during media processing. You can see what versions are created in your system in the media_processing.conf file in your Providence conf directory. tilepic should work with Mirador/UniversalViewer.

    I'd recommend reprocessing images for one (or a few) objects with reprocess-media (use the -o flag followed by a comma-delimited list of object_ids to restrict the reprocessing) for testing. I quickly checked and this works with UniversalViewer.

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