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Storage Locations for Objects With Multiple Components


I'm looking to see how other users are giving storage locations to objects with multiple components where different parts are stored in different places ie a military uniform where the hat and shoes are in a different location than the main uniform. I'd rather not just mark it under Staff Notes.
I'm using Providence version 1.7.1.  I have not taken any steps to resolve this though we added the parent/child hierarchy field and are considering it as a possible way to manage the different components by treating them as different child records under a parent record.

Thank you


  • edited November 2017
    The usual way this is handled is by creating a parent-child hierarchy with a record for the whole and records for each part. If you really don't want to have full-fledged records for each part, it's possible to configure "component" record types. In this arrangement the primary object information goes in a full fledged record at the top of the hierarchy. That record can then have any number of "component" records, which are just minimal object records, attached. The components include any information that varies from part to part – an image, a location, a description – leaving everything else (acquisition info, valuation, etc.) to the top-of-hierarchy full record.
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