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Pawtucket search not finding objects correctly

Hi. I have Providence 1.7.5 and Pawtucket 2 installed and working but I'm trying to configure the Pawtucket search options without complete success. I'm using a theme and have customized the following two files:

1) .../pawtucket/themes/my_theme/views/Search/ca_objects_advanced_search_objects_html.php
2) .../pawtucket/themes/my_theme/conf/search.conf

I'm attaching copies of both of these files (with  a .txt suffix) which should allow me to search by:
  Object Title
  Object Type
  Object Identifier

An image of the search screen presented by the code is also attached.

I see the following behavior when using the search screen:

a) If I type text into the "Object Title" box then any objects which include that text in the title field seem to be found correctly. This seems to work OK.

b) If I use the Object Type box and select a type from the drop-down list presented and execute the search no results are found. What am I missing?

c) If I type an object identifier of the form, again it finds no results though I know the identifier is present. I believe this is due to the periods in the identifier and I think I need to modify a regex to allow for this - but where do I need to make the change in the attached files?

d) If I type text in the "Keyword" box it only seems to search the title field. How do I make it search the title, description and notes field of all objects?

e) If I select a collection from the drop-list list it finds all the objects in that collection so this seems to work correctly.

If anyone could point me in the right direction with resolving the above Pawtucket search issues that would be much appreciated.




  • Hi Berney,

    You likely either need to reindex the search or update your search_indexing.conf file.  It is also useful to compare the results you get from the general search in the upper right hand corner to make sure it is not an access issue with your records (ie that they are set to private).
  • edited January 5
    Thanks Sophie. I can find objects using the general search (I assume that just searches the Title field?) so it doesn't look like an access issue.

    I thought that the need to re-index and the search_indexing.conf file (under providence/app/conf) was only relevant to Providence, or does Pawtucket also make use of it in addition to its own themes/<theme>/conf/search.conf file. I've never made any changes to the search_indexing.conf file.

    I guess I'm confused about the roles of the search.conf file under Providence and the search.conf under in the pawtucket directory tree.

    I haven't had a chance to try this yet but would this account for all anomalies in my original post? In particular the keyword search which doesn't find any text from the description field?


  • Hi again Sophie

    Well I did the re-index and changed the regex in app/conf/search.conf and it seems to have sorted the issues I was seeing. I was assuming I need to do something with one of the files under the pawtucket directory tree.

    However I'm still not 100% sure about the roles of search.conf under Providence and search.conf under Pawtucket.

    Thanks for this

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