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Zoom object detail image not loading in Pawtucket

edited January 2018 in Pawtucket
Hi -- I have Pawtucket2 installed with a recent version of Providence.  I am experiencing issues with the zoom feature to view detail on objects publicly displayed.  I click the magnifying glass/plus sign and the lightbox background loads fine.  However the little loading box gif spins but no larger image shows up.  My site that hosts Pawtucket is all HTTPS and apparently the lightbox loads over HTTPS, but requests "an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint" according to my console.  Is there a way to have it request over HTTPS?  The browser (Chrome) is blocking it which I think is the reason I am getting no image appearing.  Thanks! 


  • edited January 2018
    Just to help those who might have the same issue, the non-loading of the viewer seems to be resolved if the object page is served http and not https.  Seems the browser (I tested Chrome, Safari and Firefox) blocks non-secure requests if the main page is served https.
  • edited February 2018
    I have the same problem, but for me there is no difference between HTTPS/HTTP.

    Lightbox in Pawtucket
    Do not display JPEG
    Displays TIFF
    Displays RAW
    Displays PNG
    Displays Video
    Do not display PDF

    Lightbox in Providence
    Displays JPEG
    Displays  TIFF
    Displays RAW
    Displays PNG
    Displays Video
    Displays PDF

  • Hi Olah,

    Try setting your media_display.conf file to use the TileViewer for images, instead of UniversalViewer
  • edited February 2018
    Sorry, for images, it didn't help. 

    Now it does not display any image-format, just an overlay screen with lower transparency without interface.

    PDFs Displays with TileViewer on detail page, but not in overlay

    Everything works fine in though. Do you know the settings they are using?

    There is actually three different media_display.conf-files. Shouldn't all have the same settings?

    Update: Tried your advice on my Spectrum-profile installation: Success!   The Default profile seems to be the problem here???

    Thanks Sofie!
  • HI Sofie,
    I switched the media_display.conf setting that that resolved the issue of non-loading of the overlay images in https.  Thanks!  Re. serving https for Pawtucket, the AJAX I am guessing, seems to break the https perhaps because of the post call?  Not a critical since for now I can just force http for the Pawtucket folder.  If you happen to have a moment, perhaps you could shed some light?  

  • Hi,

    Make sure you have the protocol is app/conf/global.conf set to https.
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