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SOLVED Search indexing abruptly stopped working

edited January 11 in Troubleshooting
I noticed that the records I've created recently aren't showing up in search results.  Browse is still working fine, so I used browse and the record logs and figured out that we abruptly stopped indexing records on January 4th.  We are using Providence 1.7.5 and we have not made any changes to our configuration recently.  Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.



  • Try looking for and deleting a file named "search_indexing_queue.lock" in the tmp folder (the app/tmp directory relative to the root of your installation). You're probably using out of process indexing (it's the default), and if a lock file was left in place it would hang up indexing until it's deleted. Once you remove that file indexing should kick in on the next request.  

    You can also force all of the queued indexing to run using the caUtils process-indexing-queue command. The caUtils utility is in support/bin (again, relative to the root of your installation).

  • Thanks!  We removed "search_indexing_queue.lock" this morning and ran the  caUtils process-indexing-queue command.  Unfortunately, search indexing still isn't working.  

  • What happened when you ran the command?
  • There was no output other than:

    CollectiveAccess 1.7.5 (147/GIT) Utilities

    (c) 2013-2017 Whirl-i-Gig

  • It just hung? No return of command prompt? Are you running this on Linux or Windows?
  • No, sorry -- it returned to the command prompt. Running on Linux (Ubuntu16).

  • Try setting disable_out_of_process_search_indexing = 0 in app.conf, then reindex the database and go from there. 
  • diable_out_of_process_search_indexing was already set to `0`;

    Tried one more time, same result.

  • Even after reindexing?
  • specifically running caUtils rebuild-search-index
  • That did the trick! Thanks!

    Do you know if there's something we may have done to cause the "search_indexing_queue.lock" to be left in the /tmp directory?
  • It might have crashed while processing? There's nothing specifically wrong you could have done.
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