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Searching for IDNOs


How do I configure search_indexing.conf and search.conf in Providence 1.7.5 to find objects by only a part of their idno?

Our idnos are built like this: the first part is always the same, ef_cc_ and the second part is a seven-figure number like 0011040 - so the whole idno would be 


When I search for 11040 however, nothing is found. So we always have to input something the excact idno or something like ef_cc_11040 (without the leading zeros) to find the object. Is it somehow possible to adapt search indexing?



  • Providence allows for wildcard searching using the * symbol at the end of the search term. For more information, look at the wiki page on Search Syntax
  • hi sjenson, I’m aware that you can use a wildcard operator, but what I’m looking for is to drop the first part of the objects ID (in my example the ef_cc_ part) – searching for *11040 does defenitively not return the object with the ID ef_cc_0011040.
  • What you could do is configure you identifier scheme in multipart_id_numbers.conf to use "_" as the separator. Then reindex. So long as the idno field is set in search_indexing.conf with INDEX_AS_IDNO (which is the default), the identifier will be indexed as a series of stubs. Your example "ef_cc_11040" would be indexed as:


    and any of those would find the object with ef_cc_11040

    Adding an indexing option to index it as parts ("ef", "cc", "11040") and/or to let you specify the separator in indexing instead of in multipart_id_numbering.conf would be easy to add, but no one has asked for it to date. If that's what you want make a JIRA for it. 
  • edited January 2018
    Hi Seth, thanks for your answer! I changed the seperator to _ like this in the multipart_id_numbering.conf and after that rebuild the search index:

    separator = _,

    Now the field to enter our IDNO looks as follows:

    Thats new and it looks as if the separator has stuck.

    But when I search for "0011040" it returns nothing:


    Did I miss soemthing? Thanks!

  • Yeah, as I mentioned earlier it doesn't index the parts freestanding. Try searching on these:


    To make it find it with just 0011040 will require some changes to the indexing code. If you need them (sounds like you do...) make a JIRA for it. 
  • Okay thanks! I missed that, will be making a JIRA next week! Thank you!
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