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In Object Detail view, date displays "1920, 185" or 186 etc. depending on type of date metadata


I am using the v1.4 Quickstart package for evaluation purposes. Everything is going swimmingly, except I keep getting a numeric code in addition to the text I have entered into the date container in providence. I used the app.config file to request the date element be displayed using the following line of code: 

ca_objects_detail_display_attributes = [description, date, lcsh_terms] 

and it works great except it prints: 

"Date: circa 1920,185"  when the field reads "circa 1920" in Providence. The numeric code changes if I change the date type modifier in providence. e.g. 186.

On a perhaps related note, is there any way to display LOC subject heading without the reference appended (Little Traverse Bay (Mich.) [info:lc/authorities/subjects/sh85077711])?

Thanks in advance.

Snap.png 941.1K


  • P.S.  

    Mac 10.13.2
    Issue surfaces using newest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • edited January 13
    I have had this since day one in version 1.6.1 when I browse all.

    No matter the browser or OS, server is Linux.

    I found the code where it is, not sure why it is doing it though as all looks right.


         $vs_date = "<p>".$qr_res->get('')."</p>";

    then it is called here.


  • Hi laubert,

    The issue is that your date metadata element is a complex container, so the code actually refers to two subelements that are being listed in sequence.  If you want to display just the date you'll want to change the element code to $qr_res->get('') (or whatever the subelement code is).  If you want to show both elements, you need to convert the list item code to text to display it like this:

    $qr_res->get('', array('convertCodesToDisplayText' => true))
  • Perfect!!.. Thank you
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