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Can I import embedded metadata as the same time I import the files?

Hello, I pretty new with CA, and I am having several doubts. One of them is: Can I import embedded dublin core metadata as the same time I import the files? I mean, can CA read the embedded metadata directly from the files?
We have installed the last version, Collective Access 1.7.5.
Thank you for your help.
Best regards,


  • CA automatically extracts embedded media metadata which can be viewed under the media representations bundle (look for an icon that says that says "view media metadata")

    Separate from that, it is also impossible to import embedded media metadata into the actual user interface editor (into editable fields that is) - this requires writing a mapping, just like any other data import.

    The input format of your mapping should be set to "exif". If you have an exif import mapping loaded on to your configuration, you will then see and option in the media importer called "Extract embedded metadata into object using mapping". If you select this, then run your media import, the data import will run at the same time, extracting the embedded metadata into object records.

    More on writing data imports can be found here:

  • Thank you so much for your help Jonathan!!!! I really appreciate your indications because I´m starting with CA, and I´m quite lost...!
    Kind regards!!
  • edited January 2018
    Hello Jonathan,
    We started to follow the steps to extract embedded metadata and the platform requieres to install ExifTool. We have done, but, in the documentation they mention a configuration file that it doesn´t exist... external_application.conf
    Maybe it has another name in 1.7.5 version?
    Thank you for your help and pattient :-)
  • external_applications.conf should be available in your_installation/admin/app/conf.

    ExifTool, by the way, isn't necessarily a requirement - it just provides a helpful way of viewing all of the Exig/XMP/IRDC tags that may be present in your media metadata. You could also do this in Photoshop (under See File Information) or even Preview for Mac.

  • Thank you very much Jonathan!
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