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Question about search box in Georeference

I've read the documentation about Georeferencing, but I can't seem to use the "Search box" (upper right corner above the map):
  • When I enter something in the search box, nothing happens.
  • When I press the magnifying glass icon, nothing happens.
  • When I enter a location in the text field below the map (and press Enter), it works.

The documentation says, that I can enter the first few characters and I
should already get some results from the database, but nothing happens

What is the right way to use the Georeference element?
I'm testing it in the CA demo installation.

Tried in the following browsers:
  • Chromium (63.0.3239.132)
  • Firefox (56.0)

Thank you very much in advance.


  • The in-map box does geocoding of text using Google. If you don't have a Google Maps key configured it won't work. It used to work regardless until they changed their policy regarding api keys.

    The box below the map is for the actual georeferences to be saved. If you add points on the map you'll see the data generated appear there.
  • Thanks.
    Since the map looks like OpenStreetmap, how can I configure CA to be happy with just OSM?
  • peter_b,

    I just went through this whole thing in the last couple of weeks, I got it all working now and is nice. The API key is free as long as you have less than something like 25,000 hits a day. I already had a Google developer account, but believe a normal Google account is fine.

    Be sure to secure it though.

  • CA will be happy with just OSM, but it can only geocode if you have a Google key. At some point that Georeference bundle needs to be redone, probably with Leaflet, rather than the OpenLayers library that is used now.  When we get to that we'll try to come up with a decent Google-less geocoding option.

  • Thanks for explaining it to me.
  • I've just tried this in a new providence installation (v1.7.8), and the search in georeference works out-of-the-box :smile:
    I haven't added any Google API key.

    So was this behavior changed?
    (...or Google simply "knows" already who's asking anyways so it doesn't bother about a key anymore? :wink:)

  • They let you use it with some rate limiting without a key. They do know who you are too, but that's only used for targeted psycho-metric manipulation, not API access control.

  • Roger that! Thanks again :)

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