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Pawtucket2: Jump to page/object X and scroll from there

Hi, I’m crossposting from the gitter chat as the forum seems to be the more appropriate place for this question.

Has anyone tried to implement a "jump to record X" kind of thing in Pawtucket2’s browsing? Without any facet you’d always start with object number 1 and have to scroll down – I think it would be nice to have the option to jump to object X and scroll down from here. Do you think this is possible? I guess I’d have to start digging around in the jquery code for the automatic reloading of objects in browse_results_html.php? Thanks!

I’ve been looking into jScroll and the browse_results_html.php but I don’t get where I could possibly trigger the kind of behavour I’m looking for. Loaded pages get cached with an MD5 key and this is depends on the sort direction, used facet etc. so there is no way we could predict the md5 hashes right?

Thanks for any insight!


  • Hi kbecker,
    In browse.conf, the option showLetterBarFrom allows you to choose a metadata element field (ie ca_entity_labels.surname) to create a "jump to letter" menu when sorting results alphabetically.  Is this what you mean?

  • Hi sophie,

    thanks for your answer! The option to set whats shown in the letterbar is not what I’m looking for.

    If you open there are always the same objects in the same order shown and it’s up to the user to change the sorting from ID to title or to choose a facette to specify on which objects to browse on. We have more than 17000 objects and I think it would be great if people could choose on the browse results page to start "broswing" with say object nr. 5000 and scroll their way down from there. So for me it’s more about the actual non-informed browsing of people who just want to scroll through a collection. If they come for the first time it’s okay to start with object nr. 1 but when I come back I imagine I’d like to have "jump to Object X and browse from there" button. 

    Do you know what I mean?

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