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SOLVED: CSS files missing or not found!

edited February 2018 in Pawtucket
Hi, I am a complete novice on CA. Have tested out the ca 1.4 quickstart version on windows recently. No big problem there except the issues with the extentions

After installing the latest version pawtucket 1.7.5 (together with providence 1.7.5 and XAMPP 7.0.15 on Ubuntu 16.04.3)  Providence looks as usual, but since Pawtucket looks completely odd it seems that the css file is missing or cant be found
No missing images. Have a symbolic to media directory. No problems with Providence. Pawtucket is copied into the same directory as Providence /opt/lampp/htdocs/ like in the quickstart version and will be accessed at localhost/pawtucket

Please, let me know whats missing



  • Need a little more info here. There seems to be a complete write of Pawtucket at ver 1.5. It went to a development for ver 2, The look is completely different.

    The demo site has the current, and if you want to see a working version of 1.6.2, mainly stock, send me a email via my userid.


  • Hello Doug
    Thanks for taking the time.
    Maybe you think I am comparing CA 1.4 to 1.7.5. That is not the case

    I am watching the demo of pawtucket ( ) and when compared to my installation. (see attachments) its clear something is wrong.

    Do I need to install Bootstrap ? I cant find that in the Apache-invironment and not in any installation docs
  • I have read that bootstrap i completely clientside so it can't be that.
    Here´s another screenshot 
  • SOLVED Rookie mistake. Mixup setup files :)

  • Hi Olah,

    I think I may have the same problem; my attempts at using pawtucket2-1.7.6 look almost the same as the screenshots you posted.

    My progress is stalled for the moment.

    I'd be very grateful if you could tell me which setup files were the problem.

    Thanks in advance.

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