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help with My Display and User Interface

Hi, I could use some advice on how to do some things with configuring My Display and User Interface screens:
I'm on version 1.7.5

My Display:
My Entity (ca_entity.preferred_label)  editor has a field for Culture, which draws from the (ca_entity.preferred_label <entity type of culture>) object (which is great for finding related entities).
- I'd like to draw from that culture field to generate the culture data, and am not sure how to call that data (or if it is even possible) for My Display to read:     John Doe (American, 1949-2000)

So far, I have:   John Doe(John Doe, 1949-2000)

<ifdef code="ca_entities.preferred_labels">  (^ca_entities.preferred_labels</ifdef>   
<ifdef code="ca_entities.entity_date">, ^ca_entities.entity_date)</ifdef>

 How can I get CA to register the Culture field? Is it possible to do this using entities-Culture, or would I actually need to create a redundant field to capture this data?

Thanks for any help offered.




  • Hi Nearly,


    <unit relativeTo="ca_entities"> ^ca_entities.preferred_labels (<ifdef code="ca_entities.myCultureField">^ca_entities.myCultureField</ifdef>   
    <ifdef code="ca_entities.entity_date">, ^ca_entities.entity_date)</ifdef></unit>

    Where myCultureField is the element code you've looked up under Manage > Administration > Metadata Elements
  • Sophie,

    I would have to create this Metadata Element, butI'm trying to eliminate unnecessary redundancies.  

    The closest I could come to finding a distinction in the GUI is only found in Lists and Vocabularies under (entity_type), which has two items (entity) and (culture). They share the same element code (ca.entities.preferred.labels) to generate artist information:

    ca.entities.preferred.labels = John Doe (type entity) &  
    ca.entities.preferred.labels = American (type culture)

    Is there a way to have a secondary entity (culture) field that is nested within the primary entity's (entity) field be displayed?

    I completely understand if this is not possible, but wanted to ask before making unnecessary additions to my UI. And if not, I have a suggestion for Providence 2.0 ;^)


  • Hi Nearly,

    Creating a new metadata element is the correct way to configure what you are trying to do.  The entity_types list is used to designate the type names for your entity records, not for entity metadata.
  • Thanks, so much to learn, but it's exciting stuff! 
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