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I'm currently translating pawtucket (in themes/default/locale) to german and set the locale setting in setup.php to de_DE. But pawtucket won't show the german terms (like About and Browse from the main menu). I did the same thing as in providence (where it works great), e.g. creating a folder de_DE, generating the .po and .mo files with poedit - so theoretically it should work. Even after a new installation pawtucket remains in english. (besides: is it possible to update locales at runtime? To see the new translated terms in providence I always have to reinstall ca).

Thx for your help! I'm really interested bringing ca to germany and am heavily translating.



  • Hi Oliver, we have noticed the same. We even set the locale in Pawtuckets app.conf and global.conf, no luck either.

    I translated some text in the view-files of my theme by hand, but this shouldn’t be the only solution as it is a) very cumbersome and b) not great in terms of translateability for the future.

    Let’s hope somebody else got a solution!
  • Hi

    Yeah, I think there are some other places in Pawtucket where language comes in play. In app.conf there are two locale settings. Deleting tmp in app folder rebuilds the locales.

    It would be nice if everything langauge related could be moved to the themes message.po
  • Hello, we are having the same problem....
    Are there someone who have Pawtucket 2.0 working in multilanguage properly?
    Thank you community for your support :-)
    Kind regards
  • Hello again, we have realized just now that in the original file for theme translation are several error, for example: "browsed by" in the original file of the system, appears as "browser by:" in the translation file... so it doesn´t work...
    As the same time, we have seen that there are missing some chains in the translation file... and we have to find them throw the system files and put in those files "_t("text")".
    Once we have find and modify the wrong or missing chains among Pawtucket 2.0 files, we have to add in the original file of theme translation the chain, translate it, compile it, and upload.
    Ufff.... I hope it´ll work now! I´ll tell you :-)
    PD: We are using the default theme, so maybe there are someone with the same problem.
  • same problem here.

    I changed the locale in conf files, in setup.php, deleted tmp files, enabled catologuing in backend but it does not work.

    I am going to create a new discussion about this and collect all data from other relative questions ...

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