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Periodic slowdown

We've got Providence version 1.7.5 installed on an AWS t2.large instance, with the Providence app directory and MySQL databases on an attached volume with plenty of room. 

A couple times a day the entire app just... pauses... often when accessing fields that do lookups (creators and contributors, publisher, and subjects, for example). Sometimes the connection times out, sometimes it's just a very long delay.

Looking at MySQL there are many 'sleeping' threads, but I'm at a loss -- how can I troubleshoot this? Has anyone else run into this sort of thing?


  • Are there specific times during the day when it stops? And is there anything else running on the server, taking significant CPU or I/O when this happens?
  • edited March 8
    It doesn't seem to be tied to a particular time of day, and there isn't anything else on the server.

    The slowdowns seem to be due to user activity, mostly when accessing fields that perform lookups.
  • Are you using ElasticSearch or the SQL-based search?
  • SQL-based, I'd guess, but -- how would you check to be certain?

  • Go to the Manage menu, select Administrate, then select Configuration Check from the side menu.
  • Search Engine: SQL Search
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