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Is CA the right tool?

I am look at helping a local historical society in creating a online database to work on and share their photographs and stories of local families. 

They want simple things like;
Who is in the photo
Where was it taken
and a block of text for any stories related to picture?

Ideally the who and where fields would link pictures and places together and eventually be able to be shown on a map. 

Can CA do this for them? Is it intuitive enough for nontechnical people to access and record said data once the collection of pictures have been uploaded?

I can help setup the CA instance for them but I am by no means a librarian or archivist. 



  • Hi,

    CollectiveAccess can certainly meet all of the requirements you list here. The application for end-users is fairly intuitive and easy to use, though the installation and configuration of the software requires some technical knowledge. I would recommend testing out the demo site to determine if it's an appropriate fit for your intended users:

  • I actually started this for myself, and then a local Historical Society that when done, will have near 700,000 items.

    For myself, I have my family Genealogy on it. I did both at the same time because for me, they are so closely related. They have documents, I have documents, they have photo's, I have photos. they have objects, I ain't got so many of those.

    Since I have records of birth from Hungary, Canada, homesteads in South Dakota, I was able to map where these locations actually were/are.

    The setting up can be the hard part, inputting once done is a piece of cake for the end user.

  • Doug, 

    What profile did you end up using?

  • The default and then made some modifications from there. I am using a little older version, 1.6.2. Having to upgrade PHP is what is stopping me and I have had very little issues with this version.

    Pawtucket, so far have kept the css the same, so the look is stock, but several changes to the other forms. Mainly adding fields and so on.


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