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Some images not displaying after upgrading pawtucket from 1.4 to 1.7.5

We've been trying to upgrade from 1.4 to the current 1.7.5, but every attempt leaves some images not displaying.  I haven't checked every image, but found some that will display in Providence, but not in Pawtucket and some that won't display in either.I've attached a screenshot of one of the images page.
How can I get the images to show? Thank you.


  • We're experiencing a similar problem. We're running Pawtucket2 and the images don't display 
  • How exactly don't they display? Are they broken (bad links)? Or are there blanks where the images should be? Or perhaps generic icons? Can you send a screen shot of what you see?
  • imageIn our case there are blanks if we click on the images, nothing opens up. Additionally the map is also completely blank with the default theme. 

  • Are the images set to "public" on the back-end?
  • Yeah they are set to Public access. The thumbnails to the collections are displaying but nothing else. Everything is working fine on the providence end. 
  • On ours, some pages look like the one posted by koyna with no images showing.  Others are only missing some images.
  • We are also having the same issues with some records in pawtucket showing as broken images in the thumbnails and not loading on the detail page. They display fine in providence and they do have public access permissions. I've tried bin/caUtils reprocess-media for these images and that didn't resolve the issue. We are facing this in Providence 1.75 / Pawtucket 1.75 And Providence 1.76 / Pawtucket 1.76

  • My mistake, the Object was set to public but the Media Representation was not. To resolve, click on Media Representation tab and then Edit Full Record to set it to Public

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