Pawtucket Detail slow loading

I run a pretty fast demo Version of CA on a shared server, but opening a 4000x3000 image in the detail (zoom) view of pawtucket takes more than 30sec. Is this normal? You can test it yourself here
Thx, Olivier


  • Hi Olivier,

    that’s far from normal - which PHP Version are you using? I noticed a major speedbump when upgrading to 7.1. Also you should check which Image processing Software you are using, Graphics or Image Magik (see here for more info:
  • Hi Olivier,

    It loads quickly for me... 
  • Hi seth, the first one loaded quick for me as well, the second one took ages…
  • edited April 2018
    Thanks both for your help. I also noticed erratic loading times and am not able to determine in which case it is fast or slow. I think its not the server, although its shared, ca runs like hell on it (they have 88core machines, all ssd). Its only the detail view of pawtucket.

    PHP is 7.1.

    I uploaded a new image which is fullHD and only 345KB, this one seems to load fast: here.

    Could it be the problem that I use GD (see other post, I am not able to run IM oder GM)

    Does Universal Viewer load the original picture in detail view? Even then it should not take more than 2 sec (at 3MB).

    Thx again,

  • I sucessfully activated GraphicsMagic now and tried another big picture (>4000px) which causes massive loading times, sometimes not even loading the image at all. Could this be a bug?
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