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How to show all "due dates" with workflow location tracking?

edited April 2018 in Troubleshooting

I successfully got workflow location tracking working (which is great). Now when I have dates in the future set for movements, occurrences and loans, is it possible to set up a search which shows me all objects by their sorted due dates lets say for the next three months? As I have constructed it, the dates are stored in different fields (e.g. loan_out, removal_date etc.) and I cant concentrate these in one column? What I think of is sort of a ca_objects_history bundle in the extended search for all objects in a given period.

Basically it would give answer/overview to the question: What tasks are planned with objects in the next three months?

(Sorry, bad english).



  • Hi Olivier,

    What version of the software are you using? There is a new feature recently added to the develop branch of Providence that allows you to set custom metadata alerts for your records to be sent at specific times before or after a date. These alerts can be sent to you Dashboard or emailed to you. I think this would give you the overview you're looking for. If you upgrade to the latest develop code you'll see a "My Metadata Alerts" option in the Manage menu.

    You could also construct and save searches but this would not let you to search for different record types at once.

  • Hi Mike, thank you very much, that sounds exactly what I'm looking for. Gona try this now.
  • Tried develop branch now, but when I try to create a alert for objects, I get the error as shown in the attachment. Now I dont know if develop branch discussions are welcome here. You just say it :-)

  • Hi Olivier,

    develop branch questions are most certainly welcome! And the issue is that the User Interface for the metadata alerts editor is not defined. To create it, go to Manage > Administration > User Interfaces and add a new UI for "metadata alert rules". Create the UI (you should probably add all of the available bundles to the editor screen) and then the feature should be enabled.

  • edited April 2018
    thx, I set up a ui now and configured a trigger. When I choose date for the first time I see all the date fields available in "attach to metadata element", but when I save, this field is empty again (-) and now only two options are left: coveragedate and date_value. Also I see no notifications. This is weird.

    Alerts are a great idea and addition to CA! Does anybody has this up and running?

  • edited April 2018
    here some screenshots:

    1. I choose removal_date out of the list and click save
    2. After save it clears the field (-) and the list is gone leaving only two options.

    edit: I added now type restriction objects to removal_date and now I can save it and it stays, but still no notifications (although I added a notification widget to the dashboard).

  • Hi Olivier,

    My apologies I forgot to describe some very important steps here! To enable the alerts you need to configure your system to periodically check for them using the caUtilities helper process-task-queue. There are two parts to this:

    1) You'll need to set __CA_QUEUE_ENABLED__ to "1" in your setup.php file
    2) You'll need to add a task to your crontab to periodically run process-task-queue. This can be as frequently as necessary, but generally something like what you described can probably be run nightly.

  • Hi Mike

    I set up a cronjob and even started process-task-queue with ssh to be shure it has run at least once, but still no luck. If I create a notfication box on dashbord it always says "You have no new notifications". But I have movements of objects set somewhere in the future with removal_date. These are also showing in objects use history. I attach my configuration. What else do I miss?

    thx again for your help.
  • edited April 2018
    I successfully activated alerts now (and I don't know exactely why it suddenly works). The mistake was to set up a objects alert, when the removal_date belongs to a movement. Further I think that only newly added dates (in movements, occurrences etc.) are alerted, not the ones prior to enabling of queue.

    I'm looking forward to the integration of alerts in master branch!

  • Hi Olivier,

    Great, I'm glad you were able to get it working!

    I don't believe that the queue should be limited to those added after the queue was enabled, but let me test that out.
  • edited April 2018
    Hi Mike

    thx for trying out! I encounter new problems with alerts:

    1. could the sort order be changed to descending so that the newest date choosen in the metadata alert rule (e.g. loan_in_date) is on the top? As it is now it is sorted by the alert date. But a calendar should show the sorted dates of the metadata alert rule imho (as it is with object history bundle). In addition one has to scroll now to get to the newest date.

    2. Related to that, if I change e.g. the removal date of a movement it will be added at the bottom of the list. For me it would be best if it would be put in the place of tasked dates, like with object use history bundle. Couldn't the changes be shown instantly?

    3. I can't get links to the records working. When I have a display like:

    <unit  relativeTo='ca_loans' >
                        Leihgabeeingang: ^loan_in_date<br/>Leihgaberückkehr: ^loan_return_date
              </unit><i><l> (^ca_loans.preferred_labels)</l></i><br/>

    I had to add .preffered_labels to ^ca_loans because otherwise it wouldn't show me the title of the loan. But when I click on it there's a 404 error. When using <i><l> (^ca_loans)</l></i> in object use history bundle the title is shown and the links work.

    sorry for this long list :-) maybe some of it helps developping this cool feature.


    p.s.: it seems the arrows of the date picker are not showing up in develop branch.
  • Hi. I am trying to set a modification trigger, but it seems it is not working...
    Is there any setup.php or .conf change to be made?
    Thank you

  • Have you set up a cron job or the like to periodically run caUtils check-metadata-alerts?

  • launched by command line, without success

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