Viewing object records with multiple images

I'm configuring Pawtucket 2 & having issues displaying multiple images attached to object records in the object detail pages. If the object has two images I can seen them in the viewer, but once I have more than two they don't appear in the viewer (see attached screenshots). I've tried editing 'use_universal_viewer_for_image_list_length_at_least = ' in the media_display.conf in my theme but it didn't change anything. Is there a setting I  need to change to make more than two images appear in the viewer? 

1417 x 1134 - 230K
1417 x 1134 - 201K


  • Same issue here. 3 objects representations are fine, 4 or more will break it.
  • I recommend setting use_universal_viewer_for_image_list_length_at_least to a high number so it doesn't get used on detail pages.  This will fix the problem you're having.  If you want to use the universal viewer, add this css to your stylesheet:

    .detail .repViewerCont .uv{

    I'll have this css fix in github shortly.
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