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Can't get metadata separator displayed in pawtucket 2

Hi all,

I'm sorry for bothering you since this should be clear to me from your documentation, but unfortunately I couldn't get it working yet. So, in pawtucket2 at the object detail view I want to show a metadata-element which contains multiple values and those values should be properly separated. It looks like this right now:
where at 'Schlagwörter' (=keywords) you can see that the multiple values are separated by semicolons but without space which makes it not very pretty.

I tried to follow your documentation here: where there is a line shown like this:

So from my understanding the '&' indicates some options on how the metadata-element is displayed, so I tried the same in our ./views/Details/ca_objects_default_html.php where currently it looks like this:
{{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.S_schlagwort">
                                        <p>SCHLAGWÖRTER: ^ca_objects.S_schlagwort</p>

(S_schlagwort is the identifier for the text-metadata element)

Triying things like
SCHLAGWÖRTER: ^ca_objects.S_schlagwort&delimiter=_➜_
SCHLAGWÖRTER: ^ca_objects.S_schlagwort%delimiter=_➜_

and many other variations didn't work.

Can you point me please to the right direction?



  • In case our instance wouldn't display anything since I'm reworking a few things, I've attached a screenshot of the values not being separated with additional spaces to the semicolons.
    tmp.jpg 304.7K
  • Hi Stefan.  Either of these should work to separate repeating elements with ", ":


    <unit relativeTo="ca_objects" delimiter=", ">^ca_objects.S_schlagwort</unit>
  • Hi Maria,

    the first option did not work, but the second one with <unit ... > did the trick. 

    Thank you very much!

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