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How do I display custom metadata in pawtucket?

Hi there!

First of all, sorry for my english. It Is not too good :wink:

I have created a vocabulary list in providence administration menu and i have linked it to a object screen. The code name of the vocabulary is "etiquetas2_em".

I have added a lot of words to the vocabulary, and i have associate some of the words to some objects.

In pawtucket 2, I want to show these custom vocabulary fields:

I have used the code below in the object detail file ("themes/MYTHEME/views/Details/ca_objects_default_html.php").



In the web browser interface I can see the "


", but i cant read the tag names (^ca_objects.etiquetas2_em).

I suppose the condition is working, but i dont know how to show the values of the "^ca_objects.etiquetas2_em" vocabulary associated.

What can I do?

Thank you


  • The code was pasted incorrectly. Below is the correct one.

    {{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.etiquetas2_em"><H6>Tags:</H6>^ca_objects.etiquetas2_em<br/></ifdef>}}}

  • I have the answer.

    The code was correct. The problem was in the providence configuration. I have set "not public access" to the vocabulary terms options. I have changed it to "allow public access" and everything starts to works property.

  • I have another question.

    How do i insert a link for the vocabulary?

    For example, I have associated to the Object a vocabulary named "etiquetas2_em". My Object has tagged as "Museum", "Green", "Build" in the etiquetas2_em field. And now, in the detail screen i want show this tags with a link to all objects tagged as Museum or Green.

    With my code does not appears the link

    {{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.etiquetas2_em"><H6>Tags:</H6>^ca_objects.etiquetas2_em<br/></ifdef>}}}

    How can I add the link to these tags?

    Thank You

  • The link is added with the `' tag.

    So, this is the correct code:

    {{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.etiquetas2_em"><H6>Tags:</H6><l>^ca_objects.etiquetas2_em</li></ifdef>}}}

    the link (a href) appears in the html. But it is linked to the ca_objects detail page, and it is not linked to a list of all objects with the same "etiquetas2_em".

    Please help!! :( i have red a lot of wikis and information and i can't find any answer.

  • There is no way to do that within a display template. You would have to use php to get the tags and construct a link to a search or browse. The tag creates links to other records like entities or occurrences, but does not link to search or browse results.

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