PDFs uploading at Binary Files

Hi all,

uploaded my original question here as an addition to this thread but decided to separate it out since it turns out it's a separate issue.


So, I'm running CA 1.7.6 on Windows server with IIS. We recently moved to a new server system to consolidate our instances and upgrade our PHP and MySql. Upon launch of our new installation, we realized that PDFs do not upload into the providence catalog as PDFs but instead as binary files.

We fiddled with the settings below in app.conf with little luck either continuing to upload as binary files or getting a "couldn't write file" error.


The latest thought is that there's either a problem with ghost script or permissions, though I'm also wondering about Zend PDF working properly.

Any thoughts on this issue? Even though the files are accessible from the Pawtucket webpage, they download with glitches and errors since they transform from PDF to Binary back to PDF.


  • Hi msjonesking, not sure if it will help, but as I found that:

    a) Re-saving all PDFs has PDF/A, and more importantly
    b) Increasing the vCPU and RAM of our shared server (up to 4 VCPUs and 8GB RAM)

    solved the problem - I can now upload and render hundreds of PDFs in 1 hit, with no problems.

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