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Controlled vocabularies

Hello! I wanted to ask about ways to implement controlled vocabularies.
As I was reading, the possibilities are:

  • Link CA with external vocabularies using the Information Services plugin or another system where the vocabulary is built (another installation of CA or Wikimedia, for example)
  • Build your own vocabulary through lists and vocabularies
    It is right?
    Is there any other variant? For example, from some type of "basic table", where one could add the necessary metadata, as the "entities" are managed?
    What would be the differences and the advantages and / or disadvantages of each case? Are there experiences in this regard?
    Someone who speaks Spanish to consult and that I can explain better?
    Sorry for my English.
    Thank you.


  • The first two options (either using an Information Service or creating your own Vocabulary) are correct. If you need full-on records with detailed associated metadata, you could model Entities or Occurrences but these are typically considered to be Authority records, not Vocabulary terms. I would recommend the former options.

  • Thanks for your quick response!
    Yes, I would need to add relationships between the terms, indicate preferred and non-preferred terms, add scope notes, etc., so I am not convinced by the alternative of using the "Lists and vocabularies" option.

  • But, it would not be confusing to use "Entities"?, which I think are more oriented to "Agents" (people, institutions), the same with "Occurrences", because it is used to define events / actions related to objects. They would mix categories, right?

  • Entities are authority records for People and Organizations. Occurrences are records for 'things that have occurred in time' - like Events or Exhibitions. Vocabularies are used for descriptive terms, to better enhance searching and browsing. Vocabularies are for things like Subjects, Keywords, additional search terms. You can use established, standardized Vocabularies via Information Services, or create and maintain your own Vocabulary using Manage-Lists & Vocabularies.

  • Thank you.

  • Is it possible to create vocabulary items under "Keywords" for example while doing the import mapping?

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