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Relationship: Left/right type restriction?

I'm trying to configure an object<->object relationship type that shall only appear on certain sub-types of objects.
But whenever I fill in the "Type restriction for 'left/right' side of relationship" field (regardless if left or right, behavior stays the same), this new relationship type newer shows up.

In my case, the object structure looks like this:

  • Filmography
    • Work
    • Variant
    • Manifestation
    • Item

If I choose "Filmography" as type restriction (+"including subtypes" checkbox) - even if both sides are of a filmography subtype, the relationship type doesn't show up. Until I remove the type restriction.

Couldn't find any proper documentation in the Wiki, so I'm asking here: How to use this properly? :)
Thank you very much in advance!


  • This was a bug in 1.7.4 ( that was resolved. What version are you running?

  • v1.7.5 (git)

  • Ok I just tested it in 1.7.6 and it's an issue there too. I'll reopen the JIRA.

  • Alright. Thanks for checking :)

  • Hi Peter,

    Fixes for this were in 1.7.4 but weren't entirely effective. An additional fix was added in 1.7.6. I have confirmed it's working properly. Julia's initial test results were in error. The solution is to bump your install to 1.7.6.


  • Thank you Seth! :)
    I've set up a new install on 1.7.6 a few days ago - so I'll update it.

  • Dear Seth, Dear Julia,

    On 1.7.6, the "summary" display for an object now shows only empty parentheses "()" instead of the relationshiptype. The display used for the summary is the default "Researcher display" that came with this CA profile, and was not modified by any of us.

    Could this be related to your additional fix?

  • The researcher display is a default that's not applicable to all systems. What happens if you put a display template in the configuration for that display? i.e. (^relationship_typename)

  • Will check! :)

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