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Prepopulate.conf: ignored?

edited July 2018 in Installation

I'm trying to configure the prepopulate plugin, but it seems like "nothing's happening".

On v1.7.5 (git), the config file is located in: /app/plugins/prepopulate/conf/prepopulate.conf
But the documentation says it should be: /app/conf/prepopulate.conf
I've tried to move it to "app/conf", but still: nothing happens.

Is there any logfile I could check to see if my rules are applied at all?

Thank you very much in advance :)


  • My file looks like this:

        # set to 1 to enable the plugin
        enabled = 1
        prepopulate_fields_on_save = 1
        prepopulate_fields_on_edit = 1
        prepopulate_rules = {
                # -------------------
                cws_event_name = {
                        table = ca_occurrences,
                        #restrictToTypes = [artwork],
                        mode = overwrite,
                        target = ^ca_occurrences.preferred_labels.names
                        template = Test-1-2-3
                # -------------------
  • If you navigate to another screen and then navigate back does the value pre-populate? See:

  • Will try!
    Thanks :)

  • First of all: Typo in my rule! :blush:
    There's a "," missing at the end of the "target=" line.

    But I can't get it to overwrite the preferred_labels field.
    Other fields yes, but not this one.

    Any ideas?

  • Try "name" singular.

  • Thanks Julia!

    I've also set the preferred_labels field to "read only".
    Works like a charm :)

    Here's the working ruleset:

    cws_event_name = {
                    table = ca_occurrences,
                    restrictToTypes = [cws_event_ipr],
                    mode = overwrite,
                    target = ^,
                    template = ^ca_occurrences.cws_RegionalScope (^ca_occurrences.cws_Date)
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