Changing the view of the gallery sets


We are trying to change the metadata elements that display in the galleries

We want the following:

But we are only able to show

Object caption and Object Description

We have created galleries as sets and want a different write up for them.

Here's the link to the website in progress:



  • The right hand column with the object information of this page: is coming from this file: /views/Gallery/set_item_info_html.php

    You can use display templates to show information there relative to the object record.

    To display information associated with the set item, like the set_item_description, you'll need to load a set item record. The id of the set item is passed to the view mentioned above as "item_id". Something like this should work in set_item_info_html.php:

    $pn_item_id = $this->getVar("item_id");
    $t_set_item = new ca_set_items($pn_item_id);
    print $t_set_item->get("set_item_description");

    Also note the set description displayed in the gallery interface is configured in gallery.conf

  • Thanks maria, we will try this and see if it works!

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