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Yes/no checkbox: Different default value in different UIs?

I'm using a simple 2-item list (true/false), rendered as "Yes/no checkbox" for boolean options.

But I have to declare the default value at the list, whereas what makes sense as default depends on which element I'm using this yes/no option for.

What would be the best "CA-way" to set the default value differently in different screens?
e.g. Create 2 lists: One for "yes" and one for "no" as default?

Thank you very much in advance :)


  • Hi, Don't set either value as default. It's not a requirement.

  • I've just read up on Y/N checkboxes in the wiki.
    Now I'm even more confused that before :(

    Once it says:

    "The checked state of a yes/no checkbox is taken to be the first item in the list"

    ...and furthermore:

    "Note that you should set "default" to 0 for both - otherwise the checkbox will default to a checked on new records."

    But below (in the example of "no" as default), it sets "no" as default.

    ...which then leads to the default being checked - but this would be a "yes".

    I've now tried to follow the cookbook as precise as I can, but the actual behavior doesn't seem to match the documentation :(

  • Do not set a default for either "yes" or "no". Set the default sorting of the List itself to "Rank." Then assign the "yes" value a rank of "01" and the "no" value a rank of "02."

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