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Moving a storage location fails to create movement record

Using movement based tracking, with record_movement_information_when_moving_storage_location = 1,
when I move a storage location, I get the new movement form displayed (with the correctly generated next movement id) but the new movement record does not save when [save] is pressed. Any changes to the storage location record are saved correctly, just the new movement record is not actually made.

It had been working in the past and stopped recently. (running git pulled about a week ago)

Any idea where to start?


  • Today I had an Aha! - Movements are ONLY created when a storage location WITH CONTENTS is moved. If I just move a storage location from one place to another, and there is NO recorded Contents (such as unindexed boxes) then the movement record is not created.

    Can this be changed? Or do I need to create a dummy placeholder object for every unindexed box?

  • Well yeah it could be changed. But if there's nothing in the location what are you moving exactly? I understand that you have these unindexed boxes there, but if they're not in the system they don't exist. You might consider creating a single "unindexed items" object for these situations? At least then there's a record that the location is not empty.

  • That is what I was thinking I would have to do.

    This is being caused by merging an existing archive finding aid into our database. I would like to keep track of the movement of these boxes, even though they have no "objects" in them...just detailed descriptions of their contents.

    This bring up the question again - where / how is the history of movement within the hierarchy stored? and if I look at a movement record that recorded a change in the hierarchy, where is the "from" location recorded? How can it be accessed? I can only seem to retrieve the current hierarchy location....but the Movement Bundles' history tab displays it.

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