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  2. If the issue pertains to Providence, Pawtucket or both

  3. What steps you’ve taken to try to resolve the issue

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  5. The relevant sections of your installation profile or configuration including the codes and settings defined for your local elements.

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Help for a starter non technical user

My technician has installed the quickstart Providence and now is up to me to get to grips with it. All the information I'm reading seems to be for developers rather than users. Is there an administration user guide? We want to archive all the objects related to performances (ie director, designer, puppets, posters), CA seems to have lots more features that we need and I don't know how to remove/hide those. I've looked at the lists and vocabularies and although I've managed to alter something it's not doing what I want.


  • edited September 2018

    Hi Nieves,
    There are basic user instructions available on the wiki. We also offer paid support packages if you require more guided help (

  • I can work out how to add records but I want to remove tables that I don't need, ie loans and fields from tables that I won't use. This is a project for a small charity and hosting is not an option. Can you please let me know if the editing of the above requires knowledge of coding? If that is the case I'll have to find a different solution to our problem.

  • You can easily edit the app.conf file on the server to remove some of the major elements, e.g. loans. My recommendation would be

    1. download the app.conf file (see )
    2. open as a text file (e.g. notepad)
    3. Look for the section labeled "Disable"
    4. Any major element, e.g. loans, that you do not want to include switch the "0" for a "1"
    5. Have the technician upload the file to [providence]/app/conf/local
    6. Next log in to the system to use the GUI
    7. Under Manage --> Administration --> User Interfaces --> e.g. Standard Object Editor
    8. Under the different "Screens" hit the edit icon (which looks like a page with a bent corner)
    9. Then you should see two columns Available and Elements to Display
    10. Drag the Metadata elements from one column to another depending on your needs
    11. If you want to delete the whole screen, the "X" is of course delete the page
    12. Once you pare down the displays go to Manage --> Administration --> Maintenance --> Export Configuration to save the configuration file as part of your backups

    This method technically does not delete these elements in the system, but it will allow you to customize the presentation of the data so that the fields are simply empty. If later down the road, you need to set up loans, you can simply turn the information back on.

    The next area you will want to look into is the Metadata Elements (Under Administration). Here you can delete elements, add elements, or edit them as needed in the GUI without digging into the code.

  • I should also point out that any time you upgrade the system, you will want to reupload the custom app.conf file to that folder ([providence]/app/conf/local)

  • While driving into work, I realized that uploading files to a site would not be that difficult for anyone. Therefore, my apologies.

  • I want to install Collectiveaccess at Bulgarian museums. I would like to translate the user interface into Bulgarian. How can this be done?

  • nikonomov, hopefully this wiki page helps with your project: Creating a Translation

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