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Installation difficulties for a evaluation

I am struggling with installation I have tried both manual install and using vagrant but I am getting lost. Is there a pre-built VM I can run that actually works? I need to run this on a VM so that a few users can run evaluation.

Issue is mainly i am having to run this on Ubuntu for OS licensing reasons and I am no Linux expert, I am finding the instructions vague.

For the manual install I have the server setup with prereqeqs and have tried to follow the instructions, issue I have are;
1) Do I download the files manually or use the GIT clone command or both, its not clear
2) where is the root of the webserver instance
3) what parameter do i change in the setup.php file
4) I can't access the web based installer so clearer I have messed up the steps above

For the vagrant version, the VM runs fine no errors but I cannot access the web interface, I get a Index of\ apache page, so what have i missed here?

Just need one of these working any advice greatly appreciated, my lack of linux knowledge is the problem here as I do not understand the commands or folder structures. (I Need a GUI!!!)



  • Hi Lookslikerain,

    Use the git clone command to install the software (this will download the needed files). There are instructions in the setup.php file for what to change. You need to create a database and enter the information in the configuration file so that providence can access it. The important sections are lines 32-60 and 141, you can ignore the other settings and still have a functioning test system. The installer is located in the /install folder, so you if you downloaded the system to a folder called providence, you might access it from

  • Building on what Sophie stated, and to answer your question regarding number 2, the default root of the web server in Ubuntu is /var/www/html in the file structure and localhost/ in a browser. In other words, let's say you want to access providence setup.php to edit it, you would go to /var/www/html/providence (assuming you did not rename the folder). Once the program has been installed, you can access providence through localhost/providence. You can also reach it through the IP address on the network, eg. 192.168.1.[x]/providence[/install]. The way I usually look up the IP address is through the command ifconfig.

    Were is the hardware located that is running Ubuntu? You might be able to simply install a GUI onto the server if the VM is simply running on a desktop. I want to say look into installing lightdm (for being able to start a GUI) and LXDE (A light weight Linux Desktop manager).

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