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Welcome to the CollectiveAccess support forum! Here the developers and community answer questions related to use of the software. Please include the following information in every new issue posted here:

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Memory issues with git for both prov. & pawt2

It seems that when the /app/lib directory was collapsed into one, the file i/o changed such that I now run into out of memory issues.
I just found that I can not access galleries at all in pawtucket2 because of memory but have no issue before.
This also has showed up in prov. by not allowing me to edit anything with a particularly long item list.

I've tried playing around a little and it seems the same with file vs memcaching, etc <---works <-- no work

Any ideas?
Its a shared server, so it's pretty locked down.

But why does it need so much memory for the galleries?


  • I see a blank screen. What is the text of the error message the you're getting? Presumably you're looking at the logs?

  • PHP Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 192937984) (tried to allocate 32768 bytes) in /hermes/bosnaweb28a/b1269/ipw.pelhamhs/public_html/pa/app/tmp/collectiveaccessCache/0fea6a13c52b4d47/25368f24b045ca84/38a865804f8fdcb6/57cd99682e939275/25b50d8a2b0d5858/e8052a520a54cefa/50fdb02ce6fbf9d4/eb33da1f38590145/c26efcda17d336c6/5209b4fd2806b915.php on line 1

    mmap() failed: [12] Cannot allocate memory

  • I'm not sure why it's running out of memory in one place but not the other. It's unlikely to be related to the app/lib directory structure changes. Try bumping the memory ceiling up. Try adding this line in your setup.php:

    ini_set("memory_limit", "312M");

    Let's see if that helps.

  • I already have set in php.ini, and shown by phpinfo: memory_limit 905G Which just goes to show its overriden by my isp.

    But....I re-enabled cache in browse.conf and now I can browse galleries just fine in pawtucket2. That seems to have fixed itself. Something to do with caching.

    I still cant look at the long list in prov. without memory matter what I do playing around with the cache setting:

    mmap() failed: [12] Cannot allocate memory
    PHP Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 187777024) (tried to allocate 15243704 bytes) in /hermes/bosnaweb28a/b1269/ipw.pelhamhs/public_html/ca/vendor/tedivm/stash/src/Stash/Driver/FileSystem/NativeEncoder.php on line 63

  • The message above implies that your memory limit is 180megs. I guess it's too low; I can't really say why it'd need that much memory though.

  • OK, a little progress. I am now only having the issue when I try to edit a particularly large list. I can access it in the list manager just fine....but not in any editors.

    My current work around is in: /app/models/ca_list.php function getItemsForList() ~line 717 comment out the:
    ExternalCache::save($vs_cache_key, $va_items, 'listItems');
    at the end of the function.

  • Ah ok. Do you have any really huge lists in your system?

  • Yes, I have a Lexicon3 list that is huge.

  • How huge is huge?

  • About 13,768 terms (based on the original imported xls file)

  • Thanks. We'll need to adjust the caching mechanism to not try and stash lists that large in memory. Could you create a JIRA for the issue? Thanks!

  • PROV-2658

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