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  2. Your mapping

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PBCore and Data Import

Hi all,

I am currently working on building a new instance of Providence / Pawtucket with the standard PBCore profile to house media metadata stored in different locations. I have been able to get the importer to work for the most part, but I would like to build on it and really get it going with information like created dates.

I found the bundle for the Temporal Coverage, but I just can't seem to map it out right.

Attached are my mappings and a sample media import file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Also, as requested, I have attached the system configuration profile.

  • You'll want to use the lowest subElement value so:

    ca_objects.pbcoreDate.pbcoreDates_line1 - should be ca_objects.pbcoreDate.pbcoreDates_text
    ca_objects.pbcoreDate.pbcoreDates_line2 - should be ca_objects.pbcoreDate.pbcoreDates_value

    also all three elements of this container need to be "grouped" via a common word in column 4 of your mapping.

  • Thanks Julia! So I got the date to propagate, which is nice. But is there a way I can propagate the Type in the coverage?

    Also, in case I need to do this again with another section, is there a way for me to find out what would be the lowest subElement in a table?

  • The lowest sub-element is the most nested in the XML and the user interface.

    The types need to be mapped using the Original Values/Replacement Values column.

  • So if I'm understanding you correctly, if I review the system config XML, I should be able to figure out the correct mappings?

  • Yes or you can use the user interface under Manage > Administration > Metadata elements. If you navigate to the Temporal Coverage field there you can drill down until you get to the child-most sub-element and there you'll find the correct code.

  • Perfect! Thanks so much! I'll keep playing around with it!

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