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Importer skipping worksheet, Can't import mapper

I have tried to import my mapping spreadsheet but in Safari nothing seems to happen. In Chrome you can see it processing but I keep getting the error:
"0 worksheets imported. 1 worksheet skipped."
Could something be wrong with the xlsx doc? Or is it related to browser and something else?
Anyone have the same issue?


  • edited January 2019

    The importer may be invalid. You can post it here and someone can take a look at it.

  • A couple of things right off - you should use the importer template (attached here) as there are controlled values and formatting issues on it missing from your version. Secondly, the Setting "type" must be declared with a type_id of the object record you wish to create with the import.

  • Thanks for looking at this. I did start with a copy of the mapping template but somewhere in the export to xlsx from numbers other formatting took place (grey borders, etc). An unknown accident... And thanks for the reminder on the type_id. If I were importing various types of media how would I set that ?

  • If the object type is declared in the data itself (i.e. you have a column in the source data saying what type corresponds to each line of data) than you can set a "Mapping" to target "ca_objects.type_id" - this can be used instead of the "Setting"="type"

  • Ok, i redid the map doc and same problem. In safari nothing happens. In chrome "0 worksheets imported. 1 worksheet skipped."
    I'm attaching the new doc. Could there be an issue with media processing plug-ins?

  • Sorry, one more thing: Can the delimiter option handle carriage-returns?

  • Try this: {"delimiter":"\n"}

  • I found this error in the app/log:
    WARN --> [loadImporterFromFile:/private/tmp/phpPOBW0y] Invalid json in "options" column for group _group_3_3/source 3. Json was: {“delimiter”:“\n”} .

  • Nevermind- I realized it was the formatting in the quotes around the delimiter line. Once I fixed that I was able to upload the mapper. It doesn't work in Safari for me (no log events either when tried from there), but in Chrome it did.

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