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Running two CA installations with different configuration files

edited February 1 in Installation

Software version: Providence 1.7.6

Profile: An adaptation from the SPECTRUM profile

Is it possible to have two Collective Access instances sharing most files exept for som Configuration files?

This is the case:
I have a working Collective Acces installation in the root of the server.
I would like to use different printTemplates (in app/printTemplates) for the summary in both installations.

The aim is to enable barcode Label printing for single objects by modifying the template in one installation and still maintaing regular reports in the main installation.

As the printTemplates are in the main app folder and not part of a theme folder I can not just switch themes to use the different printTemplate and I do not wish to lose the ability regular summary's for the object

My thoughts would be to create a "bare" subfolderwith only the regular files from the root and the /app folder, sharing all the other files and folders with the root.

There seem to be some suggestions this is possible in the comments in the setup file:

Set path to instance configuration file

(If you want to run several CA distinct instances using a single install you can add additional configuration files here.)

But I am not sure how to setup the setup.php app.conf and global.conf to get this working

The reason for this is:
We have to catalog new objects regularly and want to ad a label with barcode to the object immediately. We use a portable label printer to print single labels.
The current setup for printing labels only lets us print labels from for instance a search result with multiple objects.


  • When faced with this situation, we chose to run separate installations.

    • John
  • Yes, this can be done, but it means hacking up setup.php to some extent. The basic approach would be to use different hostnames for each CA installation, pointing the hostnames to the same machine (of course). You can then rewrite the paths that are set in setup.php and post-setup.php to use the hostname/appname to differentiate between configuration sets.

  • Hello Seth,

    Is post-setup.php new to providence 1.7.6? I did not find it in the 1.7.5. files in a local installation.
    Does it overrule the settings in setup.php or do the settings in both setup.php and post-setup.php have to be identical?

  • It's new in the GitHub/1.7.7 code. It's not in 1.7.6 or prefious.

  • Hello Seth,

    I did find post-setup.php (and post-setup.php-) in the 1.7.6 app/helpers folder. Can I then assume these are not active (yet) in 1.7.6?

    Changing some paths in setup.php in a subfolder (ca_labels) of my regular CA installation gives me the following error messages:

    It looks like the CA_URL_ROOT variable in your setup.php is not set correctly. Please try to set it to "/ca_labels". We came up with this suggestion because you accessed this script via "/ca_labels/index.php".

    It looks like the CA_BASE_DIR variable in your setup.php is not set correctly. Please try to set it to "F:/wamp64/www/UMC_CA_PP5_kl/ca_labels". We came up with this suggestion because the location of this script is "F:/wamp64/www/UMC_CA_PP5_kl/ca_labels/index.php".

    Index.php appears to do some checking on the variables?

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