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Dimensions decimal point

edited February 2019 in Troubleshooting

Software version: Providence 1.7.6

Profile: An adaptation from the SPECTRUM profile

In Providence 1.7.5 I entered dimensions with units like 40,5cm.They then appeared as such after saving.
In Providence 1.7.6 they appear as 40 5cm (Sometimes 40 5 cm)
Where is the decimal delimiter set? It appears to have changed.
It works if I use a point as decimal point, it puts in a space when I use a comma as decimal point.


  • What are you preferences set to under Manage > My Preferences > Units of measurement?

  • I have "units as entered" set at the moment. Have also tried "metric".
    I have tried entering:
    12,5 cm (with a space between the value and the units)

    I have three setups running, on locally and two online to see the difference in settings, but I have not found a solution yet.
    One thing I have tried is changing the setting "does not take locale" for the dimensions, also with no result.
    The behaviour has definetely changed from version 1.7.5 to 1.7.6
    I did notice the same behaviour in your demo (

  • One more observation: With weights it works as before.
    If I enter either 2,3kg OR 2,3 kg it is displayed in the object editor as 2,3 kg after saving.

  • One more observation:
    The comma is stripped in the table ca_attribute_values. I checked with phpmyadmin.
    In version 1.7.6 a value 17,5cm is stored as 17 0cm after save

  • We are seeing the same issue, on a custom profile, it does look like a 1.7.6 bug/regression.

  • Could you please make a JIRA for the issue?

  • It would be my first time. Hope I gave all the nececarry info.

  • edited May 8

    Hi. I am having another kind of problem (CA v 1.7.8) : when importing measures, in Italian locale, every decimal separator is parsed as a sum...
    I mean: 10,5 get parsed and inserted in measure field as 15, the same with a dot as decimal separator: 10.2 -> 12.

    Things get better by setting English as default locale, but only with a dot as decimal separator.

    I am using this measurementSplitter:
    ""delimiter"": ""x"",
    ""units"": ""cm"",
    ""elements"": [
    {""quantityElement"": ""dimensions_height""},
    {""quantityElement"": ""dimensions_length""},
    {""quantityElement"": ""dimensions_thickness""},
    {""quantityElement"": ""dimensions_thickness""},
    {""quantityElement"": ""dimensions_thickness""}
    ""attributes"": { ""measurement_notes"": ""^9"" }

    Obviously, the value I am parsing is something similar to 8.5x0x1.5

    Any hint?

    Also, is there any way to skip a value without setting it to zero? - i.e. some thing like 8.5x x1.5 ?

    Thank you,


    I add the parsing log of following values
    Frammento 1 14x7,5x2,8 Frammento 2 8.5x0x1.5

    using previous measurement splitter:

    2020-05-08 10:30:48 - DEBUG --> Content tree is
    [ca_objects] => Array
    [0] => Array
    [dimensions] => Array
    [dimensions_height] => 14 cm
    [dimensions_length] => 12 cm
    [dimensions_thickness] => 10 cm
    [measurement_notes] => Frammento 1
    [_errorPolicy] => ignore
    [1] => Array
    [dimensions] => Array
    [dimensions_height] => 8.5 cm
    [dimensions_length] => 0 cm
    [dimensions_thickness] => 1.5 cm
    [measurement_notes] => Frammento 2
    [_errorPolicy] => ignore

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