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can I set ca_objects.status at import?

I’ve managed to import data successfully into several of my tables and in doing so, I manage to set several intrinsic fields to constant values, such as object type. However, no matter which table, I seem to be unable to import into or set to a constant the intrinsic bundle xxxxxxx.status (where xxxxxxx is the table name, such as ca_objects.status). I have tried to set xxxxxx.status to a constant in the import mapping for objects and storage locations, but after import, the new records always have the default value in that field, rather than the value specify at import. I’ve double checked that I’m spelling the value correctly, and I have tried several different values from the workflow status values list is used to populate to the status field. Now, I’m beginning to wonder if it not possible to set this status field at import. I had hoped to use it as a workflow status field to track records from import, to review, to ready; but if I can’t set it to “imported” in the mapping, this won’t work.


  • Yes, it is possible to set this via import. What's the code for the workflow status list that you are matching the value for ?

  • edited March 2019

    Thanks for your assistance! Attached are shot of the List, and two mappings with the line highlighted.

  • It looks like we require the mapping to use the list item's "item value" rather than the code. I'll make a note that we should also support the list item code. In the meantime you can use the value in your mapping and it should work.

  • I have tried that and it still fails. Attached is the mapping that goes with the list above. After import all the boxes have the status of "1A newly entered" which is the default for the list.

    I have wondered about the "list item" vs. code question. Please tell me, in general in CA, when importing to an element is tied to a list, does one import the "item value" or the code? All the ones I've done so far, the list item and code are the same, so I could not tell which one is working.


  • 1B newly imported isn't the item value -- (because it has spaces). Look on the UI of the list item for the item value:

  • If you don't have this field on your list item UI you can add it and set an item value

  • edited March 2019

    Thank you for clarifying. This raises two questions in my mind:

    1) Since the item value is a number, if I put the item value in the source column of the mapping, won't it will be interpreted as a column number from the data document? Does it need to be in quotes or something? Or is the workaround to put the item code in a column in my data document and set the source in the mapping to the column number? I this case item code is 1.

    2) Is this how setting list values are always set at import or is this issue unique to the status element? In other imports, I was able to set a CA element to a list value without using the item value.


  • 1) No, because the mapping only references columns in your data source if the "Rule Type" is set to "Mapping" and yours is set to "Constant"
    2) No, other list item mappings use the list item code.

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