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  3. What steps you’ve taken to try to resolve the issue

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  2. Your mapping

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Thumbnails for OCR'ed pdfs not generating

Any recommendations on how to troubleshoot thumbnail generation for OCR'ed pdfs? When we upload OCR'ed pdfs, the thumbnail image is broken, and the thumbnail image file doesn't exist when checking the media directory. However, if we upload the same pdf but not OCR'ed, the thumbnail generates fine. We've tried manually running the ghostscript command line to generate an image of OCR'ed pdfs, and that works.



  • We are seeing this error in our php.log:
    PHP Warning: filesize(): stat failed for /export/home1/WWW.archives/WWW_docs/secure/providence/media/collectiveaccess/images/5/7 237_ca_object_representations_media_558_icon.jpg in /export/home1/WWW.archives/WWW_docs/secure/providence/app/lib/core/Plugins/Media/PDFWand.php on line 681
    PHP Warning: md5_file(/export/home1/WWW.archives/WWW_docs/secure/providence/media/collectiveaccess/images/5/7237_ca_object_repre sentations_media_558_icon.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /export/home1/WWW.archives/WWW_docs/secure/providence/app/lib/core/BaseModel.php on line 4704

  • Do you have Ghostscript installed on this machine? If so, what version is installed?

  • We have version 8.7 installed

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