Providence 1.7.8 hangs without message during installation (default profile - Visual ressources)

I'm new to Providence and am installing a new db.
I have started the process twice and each time it just hung without any message.
Anyone got an idea?
Rgds, Patrick.

My system is a linux fedora 29, Providence 1.7.8, PHP 7.2.17, Mariadb 10.3.12

Here are the DB stats.

Collation utf8_unicode_ci
Tables 224
Rows 12,854
Data 5.9 MiB
Indexes 13.6 MiB
Total 19.5 MiB
Overhead 0 B


  • Hi,
    No matter what I do (multiple re-installations later, for each and every profile, I have the same issue. It seems to be coming from a piece of code in Installer at line 1257 public function processRelationshipTypes() where an embedded list of data from ca_list is looped with an inner join on ca_list_items and ca_list_item_labels. These tables are populated but the function does not seem to complete as messages "Processing relationship types for table %1" are not issued. It does not "feel" like a collectiveaccess providence issue, as no profiles work at all. It could be an environment issue (mariadb or php), but I have no idea where to start.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi,
    It seems that the problem originates in apache's mod_fcgid due to a proxy timeout.
    This is the only error I have been able to trace.
    However I still have not been able to solve the issue at hand though.
    So still stuck. Anyone have any ideas ?

  • Hoorah !! I have finally solved the issue.
    As expected, it had nothing to do with Providence.
    Changed the Timeout and ProxyTimeout directives in httpd.conf and restarted the service and the installation completed successfully.
    Sorry for all the bother. I'll leave the issue on the board for pleople looking for that type of issue.
    Regards, Patrick.

  • Maybe try and up the timeout value? Or run the installer on the command line.

  • Changing timeout from 120 to 240 worked for me, too. Thanks a lot--I've been looking at this all day without a clue.

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