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source_info modified at every access

edited April 2019 in Troubleshooting

Hallo. I', working with CA

Componente Versione
Versione dell'applicazione 1.7.8
Revisione dello schema 158
Tipo di rilascio RELEASE
System GUID 9ee81fbd-c5f2-438b-9de2-8322e681e074
Last change log ID 101

and EVERY time an object is accessed, a "Modified Source Information" log entry is added, and the field ca_objects.source_info grows, until locking the object record itself, due to its length.

Any hint to fix this?

Thank you



  • Please file a JIRA for this? It's sounds like a bug.

  • Done. Thanks.

  • I don't see this happening at all. Where are you seeing this information added? Are you sure it's being placed in ca_objects.source_info ? (There are source_info fields in other tables, including most relationship "x" tables). What does the content of the field look like?

  • Hallo @seth , I am a colleague of Giovanni. From the attached image you can see the problem of the log growing continuously, every time an object is accessed.
    Thank you.

  • This doesn't happen on my test systems. So what are you doing when these changes are triggered? Just opening the record? Saving? Is this happening when you perform an action in the UI? Or are you scripting things?

  • Just opening a record in edit mode (any screen), even without saving.

  • Do you have any additional plugins installed? Like Prepopulate?

  • Yes. We have enabled the PrePopulate plugin. By disabling this plugin the problem does not occur.

  • Seth, is there anything to set in prepopulate.conf to avoid that issue? Or otherwise? Thank you. GB
  • I have no idea. Now that I have an idea as to what might be causing the behavior you're seeing I'll try to reproduce and fix.

  • Thank you very much. I'll also will take a look.
  • Seth, looking deeper at the issue, which is still present, I can say that it happens only when prepopulating preferred and nonpreferred labels.
    In fact the fiend being modified is ca_object_labels.source_info, which grows every time we edit/save any such field.
    The point is that, after some iteration, the source_info field become so large that the time to open an object takes so long that the server replies with an error.
    Moreover, every time in the log CA records the updated source_info, as you can see here.

    Any help?

    Thank you

  • Ok so only prepopulate? That's a good clue.

  • Yes. If it may help, here is my prepopulate.conf:

    Please note that "IIIF URL" and "PetrignaniRights" rules do not work.


    prepopulate field configuration


    set to 1 to enable the plugin

    enabled = 1

    prepopulate_fields_on_save = 1
    prepopulate_fields_on_edit = 1

    prepopulate_rules = {
    # -------------------
    IIIF_url = {
    # what types of records does this rule apply to?
    table = ca_objects,
    #restrictToTypes = [artwork],

        # mode determines handling of existing values in target element
        # can be overwrite, or addIfEmpty
        # See the 'target' setting below and
        mode = addIfEmpty,
        # What's the prepopulate target?
        # This can be an intrinsic field, labels or an attribute.
        # Note that if you want to target a List attribute, you have to
        # provide a valid list item idno or id for that list as value!
        # See
        target = ca_objects.IIIF_url,
        # skip this rule if expression returns true
        # available variable names are bundle names
        #skipIfExpression = ^ca_objects.idno =~ /test/,
        # content to prepopulate
        # (this is a display template evaluated against the current record)
        template =^ca_objects.object_id/manifest,
    fuoriposto = {
        table = ca_objects,
        restrictToTypes = [po_inv],
        mode = addIfEmpty,
        target = ca_objects.fuoriposto,
        template = list_fuoriposto_no
    # -------------------
    description_to_tag = {
        table = ca_objects,
        restrictToTypes = [po_inv],
        mode = overwrite,
        target =,
        skipIfExpression = ^ca_objects.lock_web_description =~ /list_fuoriposto_no/,
        template = ^ca_objects.description%truncate=70%ellipsis
    description_to_web = {
        table = ca_objects,
        restrictToTypes = [po_inv],
        mode = overwrite,
        target =,
        skipIfExpression = ^ca_objects.lock_web_description =~ /list_fuoriposto_no/,
        template = ^ca_objects.description
    petrignani_rights = {
        table = ca_objects,
        restrictToTypes = [image_AF],
        mode = addIfEmpty,
        target = ca_objects.ownership,


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