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Media import not working when __CA_QUEUE_ENABLED__ set to 1 in providence v. 1.7.8

edited May 2019 in Troubleshooting

Seth, we are having a seriuos issue with media import with providence v.1.7.8:
when CA_QUEUE_ENABLED is set to 1 in setup.php, tilepics and thumbnails are generated uncorrectly.

Such issue does not occur in v. 1.7.6.

We made tests with "out of box" Providence versions, Dublin Core metadata sets.

Please help!



  • Here attached an example of the same image loaded synchronoulsy and in background. You can see that in the latter the image is a single tile.

    Any hint? This is really a big issue!

    Thank you


  • It's fixed in the latest develop code.

  • Any specific module to look for?

  • Perfect! Thank you!!!

  • Hi Seth - is there a particular git commit that relates to this fix. I've browsed a bit in the develop branch but didn't stumble on a description that matched. I'd prefer to "hotfix" my production system with the updated files for this particular issue rather than deploy the develop branch. I see there is also a 1.7.9 release candidate out there - is that solid enough to deploy on a live site?

  • Hi! I'm having the same problem when uploading large TIFF files and having them process in the background. Thumbnail images appear blurry... How did you solve this problem? I have Providence 1.7.8 installed downloaded August 11 2019.

  • The file involved is providence\app\lib\Plugins\TaskQueueHandlers\mediaproc.php

    You have to move the lines 221-225
    if (!$o_media->read($vs_input_file)) {
    $this->error->setError(1600, _t("Could not process input media file '%1': %2", $vs_input_file, join('; ', $o_media->getErrors())),"mediaproc->process()");
    return false;

    inside the following foreach

    foreach($va_versions as $v => $va_version_settings) {
    $vs_use_icon = null;
    if (!$o_media->read($vs_input_file)) {
    $this->error->setError(1600, _t("Could not process input media file '%1': %2", $vs_input_file, join('; ', $o_media->getErrors())),"mediaproc->process()");
    return false;
    $vs_rule = isset($va_version_info[$v]['RULE']) ? $va_version_info[$v]['RULE'] : '';
    $va_rules = $o_media_proc_settings->getMediaTransformationRule($vs_rule);
    $va_volume_info = $o_media_volumes->getVolumeInformation($va_version_settings['VOLUME']);

    Good luck!


  • Thanks, Giovanni!

  • Thank you Giovanni @gjerdery , for the quick reply! It's working now! :)

  • Just did the same in my system and it works as described above!

  • May 2020: did the same to and now it works

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