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Relation Editor for an Entity shows up blank (last update)

edited June 3 in Troubleshooting

Hello Team!

First: Thank you for the April update, which completely eliminated the token bug. We suffered a lot from it.

After this update, we had to modify many configurations again. Everything, except one last thing, is found and fixed.

Problem: After the April update, our relation editor no longer displays any content.

Description: After establishing a relationship between an entity and an object, we use a relationship editor to define additional information for that relationship. We're reaching this editor window via the small clip symbol behind the name of the object/entity in the relationship screen (see first screenshot).

Concrete example: We have a film as an object and a human being as an entity. After establishing the relationship, we define which role the human being has in the film. For example, he is a director, actor or writer etc.

This editor window will only be displayed blank (see second screenshot) after the April update.

Have you any idea, where I can find the responsive setting?

Kind regards,


  • We haven't seen any regressions like this in the systems we test with or support. My first guess would be to check the type restrictions on the editor configuration.

  • witwit
    edited June 4

    Hello seth,

    I'm pretty sure the cause is in the configuration files.

    The relationship editors worked flawlessly until April for nearly a year (we've included every patch in the time). In the April patch, many customizations were overridden. While I managed to restore all the other stuff, I can not remember which was the related setting file and the configuration setting for relationship editors.

    To rule out other causes:

    1. overview

    2. the related "hasagent" ui

    3. the screen from the "hasagent" ui

    Can you point me to the right configuration file?

    Thank you in advance!

  • When you save "overridden" what do you mean? Did you overwrite a configuration file?

  • Yes, exactly.

  • To be clear: No configuration "in" collective access (as admin in the web-ui) was overridden.

  • Hi Team,

    the update from April '19 wanted to override the following files:

    error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:

    I took a backup (in files (copy the folder) and container (copy the lxc machine). Then I compared the files and transferred or adapted the necessary changes for the functionality.

    After I did this, the relationship editor ui is blank. This is a heavy problem :-/
    Do you have any idea?

  • witwit
    edited June 12

    Steps to reproduce from admin perspective

    Administration > Relationship Types:
    * Add zz_TestUI under object <-> entity relationships without any further settings

    Administration > Metadata Elements:
    * Add Container zz_TestUI_Container
    * Bind attribute to: object <-> entity relationships and choose zz_TestUI
    * check include subtypes
    * Create subelement: zz_TestUI_Container_Sub as Datatype text without any further settings

    Administration > User Interfaces:
    *Create new UI _zz_TestUI_
    * Type restrictions: _zz_TestUI_
    * Is system UI?: Yes
    * Screens: Basic with Element _zz_TestUI_Container_ from Object <-> entity relationship (no further settings)

    and from User perspective:
    * Then Ive created a new object and a new entity (personal)
    * Ive linked them via relationships screen and have choosen the created zz_TestUI relation type
    * Now I want to access the Relation Editor via the small paperclip symbol and the quick edit window is showing up (as an overlay)

    Expected: There has to be my container with the textbox-element from above. But it is blank.

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