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Displaying Object Related Entity Relationship Type

Using Ubuntu 16.04, Providence 1.7.6 Schema 153. I have seen a similar problem raised on this forum but could not find a solution. I have entered two related entities into my database, one as Granger 'bequeather' an one as Vicki 'accessioner'. They appear like this - Acquisition Source -Granger (bequeather) and Accessioner - Vicky (accessioner)
My Summary Display has Object Related Entities as an Item to Display and the Display Format is set to ^ca_entities.preferred_labels (^relationship_typename)
When I open the summary page I get the following result -Granger (was created by) -- Vicky (was created by). So I am getting the correct names but incorrect relationship type on both cases.
Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated.


  • Further to the above I installed Providence 1.7.8 and was getting a similar result as above. I tried removing the Display Format in my Summary Display and also added some more relationships to my test object. if I select "Relationships" on my editor screen all relationships are shown as correct -

    Related entities
    Sort by
    W. Smith (bequeather) Vicky M (accessioner) Brown (documenter) Green (digitiser)
    but when I go to the Summary Screen I get the following-

    Related Entities W. Smith (was created by) | Vicky M (accessioner) | Brown (documenter) | Green (digitiser) . W.Smith was entered as the bequeather. so it seems as though the system is not picking up the first relationship type and defaults to (was created by.)

  • Further information - The related entity fields for 'accessioner', 'documenter' and 'digitizer' are restricted to these relationship types. The first field is the Acquisition Source which can be selected from a drop down list. In my case you can see that the relationship was entered as 'bequeather' but shows up in the Summary as 'was created by'

  • I cloned a fresh version of providence 1.7.8 and started with a clean data base and the problem has gone away. I have tried several entries and have not been able to replicate the problem so assume that something got corrupted somewhere along the way. Please consider this thread as closed.

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