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hookRenderMenuBar Pawtucket 1.7.6


has there anything been changed in the way plugins for pawtucket create a menu item?

I wrote a plugin displaying wordpress items that works if I call the URL directly:


but there is not menu item created.
Looks like the method hookRenderMenuBar() is not called at all.

My code for hookRenderMenuBar is:

public function hookRenderMenuBar($pa_menu_bar) {
if ($o_req = $this->getRequest()) {
$va_menu = array(
'displayName' => _t('News'),
'default' => array(
'module' => 'CaWordpress',
'controller' => 'CaWordpress',
'action' => 'show'
'requires' => array()

                    if (! isset($pa_menu_bar[$vs_put_before_menu_code])) {
                            $pa_menu_bar['CaWordpress'] = $va_menu;
                    } else {
                            $va_new_menu_bar = array();
                            foreach($pa_menu_bar as $vs_menu_code=>$va_menu_info) {
                                    if ($vs_menu_code === $vs_put_before_menu_code) {
                                            $va_new_menu_bar['CaWordpress'] = $va_menu;
                                    $va_new_menu_bar[$vs_menu_code] = $va_menu_info;
                            return $va_new_menu_bar;
            return $pa_menu_bar;



  • edited July 2019

    I just added a

    file_put_contents('/tmp/ca.log', "hookRenderMenu\n", FILE_APPEND);

    as first line of the method hookRenderMenuBar($pa_menu_bar) inside my plugin, so I can see this method is never called.

    The methods "__construct()" and "checkStatus()" in contrast are called, 'available' in checkStatus is 1 (TRUE).


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