borwse by decade and year only works in english

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I'm having troubles with browsing by years and decades. It only works when I'm using en_US locale setting. I took some screenshots to illustrate whats happening. When browsing objects by decades I'll first get a preview of the results for each decade. Thats works for both sv_SE (which is the locale I want to work) and en_US. But then in the next step when I click on a decade (1860s in the illustrated examples) I only get the results when my language under preferences is set to en_US. First I thought I had problems with the locale setting for the daterange metadata element I use for the browse. But I tried setting the metadata lement setting to both swedish, english and disabling locales on the element. But the results are the same. It only works when on en_US. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

preview swedish

results swedish

preview us

results us


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