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Images not showing in the front-end at all (Providence)


I have been trying to set up CollectiveAccess Providence for some days now and everything is working just fine except that images are not being shown in the frontend anywhere, I can download the image and nothing is wrong with it I just can not see the thumbnail nor the image at all in the Image Viewer.

My Providence version is 1.7.8
The operating system is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
PHP version is 7.3.8

I have installed every php requirement and os requirements which are defined here
and followed the installation instructions here

Here is an image on how the images look like in the front-end

And here is an image on how it looks like after you click on it (ImageViewer)


  • What is the format of the images? What does the media bundle (the editor field you use to upload media) say about these images? And what media processing back-end do you have installed? GraphicsMagick?

  • Hello everybody
    I have the same problem. I installed xampp version 3.2.4 on my PC with windows 10. I have successfully installed GraphicMagick and ImageMagick. I have tried to configure both TileViewer and Mirador and UniversalViewer for images. The folders have 777 permissions and I created the symlink for pawtucket.I followed the tutorials and discussions in the forum but the Images are not visible on chrome or firefox. I attach the screens.
    Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad English

  • It looks like your install of GraphicsMagick may be broken, or perhaps the web server's ability to run it. Try disabling GraphicsMagick support by going into app/conf/external_applications.conf and setting the GraphicsMagick path to something invalid. That'll force CA to use GD, which supports JPEGs. If that works then at least we know GraphicsMagick is the problem and can proceed from there.

  • I disabled GraphicsMagick support and then also ImageMagick. Now it works.
    Thanks so much!! But what should I do to make GraphicsMagick work too ?

  • Try running GraphicsMagick on the command line. Does it work there?

  • Yes.It works

  • Make sure the web server user has permissions to run it.

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